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Scalloped Hammonasset sea glass ring in argentium sterling silver and fine silver

Scalloped Hammonasset sea glass ring in argentium sterling silver and fine silver

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In the off season, I walk my dogs at Hammonasset Beach State Park in Madison, Connecticut. Sea glass is becoming rarer as plastic replaces glass for product packaging and storage, but especially after a storm, you can still find well-weathered bits of glass at Hammonasset. All of my sea glass rings are made with found glass. I set the glass as I find it, without tumbling or reshaping. The bezels are made with fine silver (.999, nearly pure) so that they can mold smoothly around the uneven surface of the glass. What you wear when you wear these rings is an object that shows the impact of humans on the earth but also the impact of the ocean on human artifacts. Literally, it is a piece of history.

This piece of glass is clear, and it is weathered in a way that I've never seen before: it appears to have chipped repeatedly but also worn down like classic sea glass.

This ring is U.S. size 9 1/4. The band is 9 mm wide, so you may need a half to a whole size larger than your normally wear.

I use only argentium sterling silver for my ear wires and the other silver elements in my jewelry. Argentium sterling silver is a hypoallergenic alloy of silver using only recycled silver. It contains more pure silver than ordinary sterling (93.5% or 94%, vs. a minimum of 92% for other sterling). It contains no nickel. It is very durable, and unlike ordinary sterling silver, it is tarnish-resistant.

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