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Blue tourmaline ring in argentium sterling silver

Blue tourmaline ring in argentium sterling silver

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This is a gorgeous blue tourmaline with just a hint of green in it. I gave this beauty a high-walled bezel setting and secured the stone by tapping my bezel rocker with a rawhide hammer. This type of setting makes the ring durable and especially suitable for daily wear, and it creates a little pot-bellied roundness to the bezel that I find very appealing.

I use only argentium sterling silver in my jewelry. Argentium sterling silver is a hypoallergenic alloy of silver. It contains more pure silver than ordinary sterling (93.5% or 94%, vs. a minimum of 92% for other sterling). It contains no nickel. It is very durable, and unlike ordinary sterling silver, it is tarnish-resistant.

If you like this ring but would love something slightly different, please let me know! I'm happy to take custom orders.

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