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Rough cast ring in argentium sterling silver

Rough cast ring in argentium sterling silver

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Utterly comfortable and organic in appearance, this ring was made by melting argentium silver directly on a heat-proof ceramic block, shaping the metal into a regular ring shape on a ring mandrel, and cutting and polishing the top to a mirror finish. Like a signet ring hewn from mountain rock. This ring is U.S. size 6 1/2.

I use only argentium sterling silver for my ear wires and the other silver elements in my jewelry. Argentium sterling silver is a hypoallergenic alloy of silver using only recycled silver. It contains more pure silver than ordinary sterling (93.5% or 94%, vs. a minimum of 92% for other sterling). It contains no nickel. It is very durable, and unlike ordinary sterling silver, it is tarnish-resistant.

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